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Tensar TriAx TX Geogrids

Tensar geogrid solutions can be widely found across these areas in applications such as road, rail, commercial, airports and more. Proven products and systems combined with Tensar ‘know how’ ensures that we will not only deliver on performance but can reduce on cost and the environmental impact of your project.

The benefits of incorporating a geogrid into your next project can include:

  • Reduced aggregate layer thickness by up to 50%
  • Reduced the excavation needed
  • Controlled differential settlement
  • Increased bearing capacity
  • Cut construction CO2 emissions by up to 50% 

Tensar TriAx® geogrids, with near uniform 360 degrees tensile stiffness for optimum performance, are designed to provide effective confinement of the granular fill. This results in a stiff mechanically stabilised layer, capable of controlling differential settlement, reducing road fill depths, capping weak deposits and increasing bearing capacity.


The aggregate particles interlock within the triangular apertures and the efficient, deep rib profile of TriAx geogrid helps to confine aggregate. Combined with the isotropic stiffness this creates a mechanically stabilised layer with exceptional performance.

Many tests and trials have been conducted to assess the performance of Tensar TriAx geogrid in mechanically stabilised layers subject to repeated wheel loadings, in particular at the University of Nottingham and the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL). It has been shown that TriAx outperforms even Tensar biaxial geogrids. Load bearing trials at the Building Research Establishment (BRE) also showed outstanding results in distributing static loading, a common situation in many projects such as working platforms for cranes and for tracked machinery such as piling rigs.

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Tensar International is a world-leader in the manufacture and provision of subgrade stabilisation and soil reinforcement solutions to overcome common ground engineering problems in construction and civil engineering. 

Tensar’s high performance range of innovative geogrid and geotextile products offer an alternative solution to traditional methods when faced with site challenges, and has benefitted thousands of roads, railways and many other infrastructure applications across the world. 

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