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Saint-Gobain PAM – Warrior Grade A

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The Warrior surface box has been specifically designed to offer fast and easy access to emergency and below-ground services.

Manufactured from ductile iron and incorporating the large wedge seating principle, the Warrior surface box offers long-term stability and performance.

• Non-rock design
• LTS installation and durability features
• Single piece cover
• Badging options
• Security chain option

Please note: use T-handled lifting key on all units except HB40 1 (FSWA32EK) where a loop handled lifting key is required.

W12744HB50 1FSWA15CKHB50 1/AT186963A153 x 148225 x 2251007.3
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W13500HB80 1186986HB80 1/AT186987A148 x 153262 x 25022513.2
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W12745HB54 1186972HB54 1/AT186973A229 x 227325 x 32510013.3
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W12746HB58 1186980HB58 1/AT186981A303 x 301400 x 40010020.2
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W12743HB40 1FSWA32EKHB40 1/AT168303A383 x 233505 x 35512524.7
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