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Saint-Gobain PAM – Inter-Ax D400-N – 100mm Deep Units

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• Double triangular
• Non-rock design
• LTS installation and durability features
• CD534 compliant
• Sewers for Adoption 8 compliant

* Cover mass per pair.
† Ventilated. ‡ Covers not coupled and cover mass is for single half cover.
Please note: BS EN 124 loading class is D400N. Use loop handled lifting keys.

Essential Product Range – Products we know you need day in and day out to get the job done. Always available, in stock, in every branch.

-W12728BC02 1185775BC02 1/BK185776608 x 458775 x 65210142*67
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-W12667BD06 1185892BC06 1/BK185789600 x 600803 x 80310150*75
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-W12846BC08 1†185796BC08 1/BK†185797607 x 607802 x 80210049*78
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-W12833BC10 1185799BC10 1/BK185801600 dia.802 x 80210050*85
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-W12697BD22 1211603675 x 675878 x 82810058*91
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-W12850BC24 1†185821BC24 1/BK†185822678 x 678830 x 85010169*102
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-W12663BC38 1185836BC38 1/BK185837757 x 607950 x 80010170*105
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-W12859BC46 1‡185847BC46 1/BK185848754 x 7541004 x 100410148142
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-W12861BC48 1†,‡185854BC48 1/BK†185855754 x 7541004 x 100410147140
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-W12665BC54 1‡185857BC54 1/BK185858904 x 6031099 x 80010044131
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-W12865BC57 1†,‡185867BC57 1/BK†185868904 x 6031099 x 80010043129
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-W12867BC66 1‡185870BC66 1/BK185871912.5 x 9051163 x 115512574273
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-W12666BC78 1185874BC78 1/BL1858761250 x 6781500 x 87810070*198
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-W12829BC81 1†185889BC81 1/BL†1858901250 x 6781500 x 87810069*195
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