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Saint-Gobain PAM – GripTop Opt-Emax D400

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Available in E600 and D400 load classes, Inter-Ax, Briton, Opt-Emax or Ult-Emax variants and a wide range of clear opening sizes, GripTop offers a permanent high friction solution for where the road design or configuration require long-lasting grip performance such as traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and roundabouts.

• Individually hinged cover sections
• Non-rock design
• Frame lifting points
• LTS installation and durability features

* Cover mass per pair (i.e. mass of two half covers loosely coupled together).

W01523212925D400GripTop Opt-Emax606 x 606802 x 8021002889
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W01530212929D400GripTop Opt-Emax606 x 606802 x 80215028101
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W01524212927D400GripTop Opt-Emax906 x 6061102 x 80210124.5/36.5127.5
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W01531212931D400GripTop Opt-Emax906 x 6061102 x 80215124.5/36.6143
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W01525212928D400GripTop Opt-Emax1220 x 6851380 x 88510038214
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W01532212932D400GripTop Opt-Emax1220 x 6851380 x 88515038249
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