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Saint-Gobain PAM – Aqua-Max D400

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Designed with the needs of the client and operator in mind the Aquavantage, Aqua-Max and Proteus gratings combine high efficiency with the additional functional benefits of operator safety and asset security.

• Captive hinged grating
• Non-rock design
• Single-piece grating
• LTS installation and durability features
• Automatic grating security locking
• Wedge seating
• HA 102 and 104/09 compliant
• Sewers for Adoption 8 compliant

W12604BY34 1205864KerbD400450 x 450660 x 5501001240R48
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W12803BY35 1205865KerbD400450 x 450660 x 5501501240R53
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W18210BY36 1252124Left HandD400450 x 450625 x 5501001220R42
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W18211BY37 1252104Left HandD400450 x 450625 x 5501501220R50.6
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BE4725BY39 1263876Right HandD400450 x 450625 x 5501501220R50.6
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