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Grass Reinforcement Mesh

We provide a range of slip-resistant polyethylene plastic mesh grids for reinforcing and protecting grassed surfaces prone to wear, rutting and smearing which can result in a muddy surface incapable of withstanding vehicular or pedestrian traffic applications. The grass reinforcement mesh has been developed with an oscillated mesh structure which is designed to increase traction and improve slip resistance by up to 97% compared to standard straight oriented meshes.

  • Grass car parks
  • Overflow grass car parks
  • Pedestrian paths
  • Disabled (DDA) access routes
  • Light aircraft taxiways
  • Grass verges
  • Caravan park access and caravan bays
  • Front lawn parking
  • Golf buggy paths
  • High level of grass reinforcement
  • Up to 8 tonnes per axle (imposed load)
  • Ideal for permanent or temporary applications
  • Fast and cost-effective installation compared to plastic paving grids
  • No excavation or soil removal is necessarily required
  • Up to 97% improved slip resistance compared to the standard grass protection meshes

We offer 2mx20m, 2mx10m and 1mx10m rolls in three thickness grades (Lite 10mm, Medium 13mm and Heavy 14.5mm). The choice of grade is determined by the application, frequency of use, and the type of vehicle traffic.

We also offer a number of other grass reinforcement products including areas where the occasional light vehicle or pedestrian use is required for applications including car parking, access routes, and aircraft taxiways. Supplied in 2mx30m rolls and in two grades, ‘Standard’ and ‘Heavy’.

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