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We offer a comprehensive range of woven and nonwoven geotextiles from basic separation and filtration textiles to high strength reinforcement and protection fabrics. Manufactured in the UK, Lotrak® geotextiles are specifically designed for performance, providing excellent mechanical and hydraulic properties for a wide variety of construction and civil engineering applications. Boasting an exhaustive range we can offer the perfect solution to meet a diverse range of project requirements, offering you choice and flexibility to design a solution that meets the technical and commercial requirements of every contract.

Non-Woven Geotextiles

Designed to provide rapid filtration in a variety of drainage applications, Lotrak® geotextiles allow water to pass into a filter drain without the carriage of fine soil particles.

The opening size of the geotextile is small enough to control soil particle movement but large enough to avoid clogging. As a result, water flow is maintained by the creation of a bridging zone to promote natural soil filtration which also helps to minimise flood risks.

Woven Geotextiles

As a market leader in woven geotextiles, our Lotrak® woven grades have a proven record in a wide range of applications such as the construction of access, temporary or permanent roads, car parks, drainage systems, and ground stabilisation. Used between the sub-grade and sub-base, Lotrak separation geotextiles prevent the intermixing of expensive stone and other aggregates within the soil, while providing good ground stabilisation. Specifically designed to control the particle movement of the soil, Lotrak separators prevent clogging while maintaining water flow by creating a bridging zone to promote natural soil filtration.

Reinforcing Grades

All Lotrak® reinforcing geotextiles are designed to provide reinforcement to weak sub-grades while absorbing stress caused by heavy traffic. With higher tensile stiffness, Lotrak reinforcement grades are particularly suited to unpaved road access tracks, such as those found in sites for wind farm construction.

Depending on the specific site requirements, Lotrak reinforcing geotextiles can provide the functions of reinforcement, separation, and filtration in one geotextile, eliminating the need for multiple products and offering clear cost benefits.

Warning Layer

Specifically developed as a contaminated underground warning or marker geomembrane, the highly visible Lotrak® Alarm15 is the perfect solution to notify future contractors and excavators of hidden hazards.
With an increasing demand for good building land reclamation of industrial zones is becoming more commonplace, with potential hazards now often buried and contained underground as an alternative to removal. Good environmental construction practice utilises Lotrak Alarm15 to notify future contractors and excavators of these hidden hazards.

Equestrian Arenas

All-weather horse arenas or gallops have to be designed and constructed to manage the adverse weather conditions while preserving the properties of the riding surface. Lotrak® geotextiles, suitable for equestrian arenas, are available in woven and non-woven fabrics and a variety of membrane qualities. Should you require a better performing, heavier weight membrane for arenas that will be used for jumping, or will have constant use, then we would recommend upgrading your choice of membrane – which can be discussed with our technical team before ordering.

Mini Rolls & Handy Packs

Lotrak® mini rolls and handy packs are available in both woven and non-woven options suitable for small horticultural, landscaping, and domestic applications. They are designed to separate materials and suppress weeds while allowing through the passage of water, air, and nutrients.

  • Paved & unpaved roads
  • Access roads
  • Driveways
  • Car parks
  • Cycle paths and footpaths
  • SUDS systems
  • French drains
  • Waterways and flood prevention systems
  • Contaminated or hazardous land

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