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ACO Storm Water and Flow control

We offer a range of ACO products designed for stormwater, runoff and flow control for your next water management project.

We can provide:

  • Bypass and retention separators
  • Filtration
  • Flow control
  • Attenuation and soakaway

ACO Q-Ceptor
Bypass and full retention oil separators

Ideal for treatment of surface water in car parks, maintenance areas, and industrial and residential applications, ACO Q-Ceptor isavailable in a range of chamber sizes and flow rates and fully compliant with BS EN 858:2002 parts 1 & 2, as well as exceeding the requirements of the Environment Agency’s PPG 3 guidelines. ACO Q-Ceptor bypass separators fully treat all flows generated by rainfall rates of up to 6.5mm/hr and full retention systems rates up to 65mm/hr.

ACO Quadraceptor
Filtration system for the removal of sediment and pollutants

ACO Quadraceptor is an efficient and reliable system for the treatment of surface water run-off from roofs, car parks and roads, even in heavily trafficked areas. The system has been designed to remove, in a four stage process, heavy particles, silt, nutrients and dissolved materials, such as heavy metals, from the surface water before discharge into the water course or infiltrated into the soil.

ACO Q-Brake
Horizontal vortex flow control

ACO Q-Brake is a horizontal vortex flow control designed to prevent downstream flooding by controlling the release of storm water before it discharges into the water environment. Custom built to suit the site requirements from grade 304 stainless steel it is designed to regulate storm water flows from 2 -100 litres per second.  ACO Q-Brake is available with a curved or flat back and can be housed in a durable bespoke prefabricated chamber, ACO Q-Chamber.

ACO Q-Plate
Orifice plates

ACO Q-Plate is designed to regulate stormwater flows in projects where flows are greater than 100l/s. Each unit is tailored to the specific performance requirements of the application providing optimum hydraulic efficiency within the system. Manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel, remote access to the system can be provided by the optional bypass door and the emergency drain facility.

ACO Q-Chamber
Bespoke prefabricated chamber to house flow controls

ACO Q-Chamber is a bespoke prefabricated chamber to house flow controls such as ACO Q-Brake or ACO Q-Plate, combining easy-handling and simple installation with a fully-welded plastic, durable construction. All plastic interfaces are fully welded, watertight and spark tested, the structured wall is made from HDPE plastic chamber with a solid HDPE baseplate, but is light weight enough for easy handling and installation.

ACO StormBrixx
Attenuation and infiltration/soakaway crates

ACO StormBrixx is a unique and patented plastic geocellular stormwater management system for attenuation or infiltration usage. It allows three dimensional unrestricted flow of water with a high porosity rate. Brick bonded and cross bonding for optimum stability the stackable ‘nested’ design improves on site storage and handling during installation. The range consists of StormBrixx SD (standard duty) and StormBrixx HD (heavy duty) stormwater management systems, the latter designed for where installation depth and access requirements are of greater importance to the project.

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