The Utilities sector provides a challenging and vital role in our society from supplying the most precious of resources to processing its waste. The Utilities sector subsequently has a bearing on all of our lives; we enjoy clean water on tap; we enjoy energy at the click of a switch; we enjoy immediate access to muliti-media communications. With varying reserves the provision of natural resources requires careful environmental management processes. The opportunity within the Utilities sector to increase efficiencies and improve the customer experience is immense and Burdens Utilities plays a significant role in facilitating this.

Utility providers are naturally encouraged to increase business innovation and in-turn reduce the cost to serve. The cost savings can be achieved and optimised through collaborative working and partnering. In the UK, utility regulators have set tough targets for the industry over the coming years focusing on capital investment, operational costs and WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital), for example OFWATS AMP (Asset Management Programme). Therefore it is imperative that business innovations are developed and implemented to deliver the regulators and utilities objectives.

"The key for DCWW was to have a supply partner (Burdens) who shared its vision of driving innovation and value through the whole supply chain."

Paul Beeslee — Supply Chain Manager, Dwr Cymru (Welsh Water)

Why Burdens?

Burdens has a well-established track record in the Utilities market, based on developing relationships and improving our contribution to the supply chain. We deliver infrastructure products, technical expertise and asset management solutions for water, gas, electricity and telecoms.

Could your supply chain be your secret weapon?

The most significant improvement that Burdens can introduce is to involve the supply chain as early as possible in design and planning. The strategic involvement of a few selected suppliers/service providers can add considerable value to the asset management programme, particularly at the development stage, since it will encourage issues to be raised early and solutions to be more cost-effective. Benefits will range from manufacturing elements, such as tooling costs, to the establishment of continuous improvement programmes.

Such a strategic relationship will allow the client to understand and become more involved with the cost base of the suppliers/service providers. This will assist in establishing how the two parties can work together in reducing costs without impacting on margins – in other words, a win/win scenario. Such reductions in cost will include administration costs, factory overheads, and labour. None should impact on margins or profitability.

Our strength lies in saving you money

Working strategically with Utilities companies, Burdens continually provide savings in:

  • Materials
  • Labour
  • Overheads

Join our collaboration and be part of the "Big Team"